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Do you have a vehicle in your yard that is just collecting dust? You can get cash for your used vehicle on the spot and a same-day collection from Rapid Cash for Cars in Melbourne, no matter what condition your automobile is in.

We are industry leaders across the Greater Melbourne Region, including all inner-city suburbs and outlying regions, including the Greater Dandenong, Frankston, the Mornington Peninsula, west to Wyndham, east to the Yarra ranges, Gippsland in the south-west and everywhere in between.

Our team is friendly and professional, and we will consistently deliver the best rates and prompt service so you can easily get money back in your pocket. It doesn't matter if it is damaged from an accident, not running because of major mechanical issues or bad physical conditions. It holds value to us, and we are ready to pay you top-dollar today.

Should I scrap my car or sell it?


There are many reasons why it is better to scrap your ride rather than attempting to sell it. Before you can sell your vehicle, you will need to be put in a lot of work to prepare it for the market. That means expensive repairs and cleaning and the Roadworthy Certificate cost required to sell a registered vehicle.

That is a lot of time and expense to go through for an unregistered automobile, not running or in a scrap state. In many cases, you will spend more money getting the car operational than you will make on the sale itself.


You will also have to go through the sales process itself, including tyre kickers, time wasters and low ballers that will take valuable hours out of your day. Plus, there is no guarantee that you will get the price you are looking for, and it can take weeks or even months to sell.

If you are undecided, you can get your vehicle's current market value and line that up against the price of repairs, cleaning, roadworthy, etc. If you are paying more than you would get from the sale, it is not worth the time and effort.

Then there is the option of trading your automobile at a dealership, but in most instances, they will give you a low price, and there is usually a requirement that your vehicle is running.

It makes sense to get cash for your car in Melbourne when there is no value in repairing it. The process is much more straightforward, and we will give you money on the spot with the time and expense required to prepare your vehicle for sale.

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How much will you give me for my scrap car?

This depends on a range of factors, but we pay the most competitive rates, and your vehicle could be worth up to $10,000.

Factors taken into consideration include the make and model, the condition, the number of viable parts, accessories and components that can be on-sold, the volume of metal that can be recycled etc. It doesn't matter what condition it is in, though, we will always pay a fair rate, and we can collect your vehicle from anywhere in the Greater Melbourne region.

Does my car need to be running to sell it for scrap?

We are the more reputable cash for car removal service in the area, and we will purchase automobiles from anywhere in Melbourne, in any condition. It does not need to be running, and it doesn't need to start. The vehicle does not need to be registered or roadworthy either. Our business model does not rely on repairing cars, so they are running; we are interested in all of the value that lies in the parts of your vehicle. This is the most effective way for you to get rid of a scrap vehicle and get money for your old vehicle in your pocket as well. Don't pay wreckers to remove your vehicle; contact us and get paid top dollar for the value that lies in your vehicle.

We are looking for all other types of vehicles, including motorcycles, vans, buses, trucks, four-wheel drives - anything with an engine that has viable parts, materials and accessories that can be reused or recycled. There is no requirement to fix, clean or even move your vehicle - our experienced team and fleet of flatbeds will take care of everything for you.


What do I need to do to sell my car for scrap?

You don't need to do much at all; we do the hard work for you. All you will need is your identification and proof of ownership.

Make sure you remove the licence plates, as these will need to be returned to VicRoads. If you have any registration left, you can have the remainder refunded when you return your plates as well. Do a quick check for any personal belongings that you might have left in the car as well, including any documents in the glove box, the boot and any of the other spaces where important or personal items could be stored.

That is it. You don't need to clean, replace any parts or relocate them. Our team will come to the location where the vehicle is currently parked and take care of everything for you, paying you on the spot. In most instances, we can arrange same-day collection and our extensive fleet is often available to be there within the hour. Your final quote will be issued at the site, you then sign the necessary paperwork, and you will be paid on the spot. Then our team will immediately tow the vehicle away. It is all as simple as that.

Once you are ready to proceed, give our team a call on (03) 9793 7475, email us at or fill out our online contact form. We will provide you with a quick quote or estimate over the phone or via email and then arrange a time to come and evaluate and collect the vehicle.

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