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There are many reasons why people have junked, unwanted and non-working cars in their yard. Sometimes we purchase these wrecks with the good intention of restoring them, but life gets in the way, and these projects never happen. Perhaps the vehicle was involved in an accident and is a mechanical write-off. Or maybe it just reached its end of life, and you didn't know what to do with it.

Whatever the reason, Rapid Cash for Cars is here to help. We can take your unsightly, broken down junker off your hands today and pay you cash in hand - up to $9999. We have established a reputation as the best auto wreckers in the Greater Melbourne Region because we pay the best rates and offer superior service to all of our valued customers.

Our fleet is located throughout Melbourne. We can offer the same-day collection to most regions, including Tullamarine, Moonee Ponds and other northern suburbs, out to the coast of St Kilda, to all suburbs in the Dandenongs and out west to Werribee.

All you have to do is pick up the phone. Speak to our friendly team and leave all of your details; we will offer you a same-day quote and, on most occasions, have a truck to your location that same day as well. We will be on time and efficient through the removal process to minimise the disruption on your day, and you will be paid cash in hand at the car's location.

Why should I consider car wreckers near me instead of other options?

There are many car wreckers in Melbourne that will offer to take your car away for free. You should automatically strike a line through those services, as your vehicle holds value even in its current state. You can also sell your car through a range of other methods, but are they worth it?

  • Car dealerships:one of the quickest and easiest ways to get rid of a vehicle is to take it to the local car dealership. On many occasions, they will take the car off your hands immediately. These dealerships will pay a meagre rate for the convenience and usually only pay for still running vehicles. This is a good option for those looking to trade in their car for a new model. It is not the best option for junk vehicles that need to be removed from their property.
  • Selling privately:there are many ways you can sell your car yourself in the modern-day. There are many car sales websites available along with social media platforms. Selling privately has many pitfalls, though, mainly in terms of the demands on your time. You will need to be available for people to inspect and test drive, the tyre kickers and time wasters, the lowballers - it can be a very frustrating experience. There is also no guarantee you will make a sale, especially if your vehicle is not running.

When you are looking to sell your car to a dealership or privately, you will also need to ensure the vehicle is roadworthy and registered. That means expensive repairs and all of the cleaning costs to have the exterior and interior ready for sale. If the cost of those repairs and cleaning outweigh the current market value, then it is not worth taking this approach.

Call the team at Rapid Car Removal, and there will be no need for repairs, no requirement for cleaning, just cash in your hand today.

How much money can I get for my unwanted vehicle?

This depends on a range of factors. No matter what, your vehicle still holds plenty of value. The metal alone in your car is worth money as it can be scrapped and recycled, so you will be compensated for that according to current market value.

Any viable parts, components and accessories can also be salvaged, which will add to the price. This includes all of the seats, upholstery, electronics and even the glass in your windows and windscreens. The vehicle's make and model will also come into consideration and the demand for parts from that era.

Lastly, the condition of your vehicle will be taken into consideration, and this can have a significant effect on how much we're able to offer. A rust-free chassis will hold more value; the more working parts, the better, and the damage to the vehicle will also influence the final price offered.

There is no requirement for your vehicle to run or even start, though, and Rapid Car Removals will always offer the most competitive prices for your car. We pride ourselves on providing fair prices to all of our customers. If you have an unwanted vehicle and need it gone, we are your best choice in Melbourne for instant removal and top dollar in your pocket.

How do I prepare my vehicle for the auto wreckers?

Good news, you don't have to conduct any repairs or do any cleaning. We accept all cars in any condition, where they lay as long as they are whole.

There are a few steps you can take before your car is collected, though, that can put even more money back in your pocket.

  • Remove the licence plates.Even if there is no registratio, you will be required to return these to VicRoads. If these licence plates fall into the wrong hands, they can be involved in criminal activities, which is the last thing you want when your name and other details are attached to them. If you have registration left, return them ASAP as Vic Roads will refund you the remaining amount.
  • Remove all personal possessions:Check-in every compartment, the boot, the glovebox - even in the CD player. Your favourite KISS album might still be in there. Valuable documents could still be housed in the glovebox. You never know what you may find hidden under the seats as well. Empty the coins in the ashtray as well - every cent counts.
  • Make sure your pets are accounted for: This may sound silly, but domestic pets like cats and dogs like taking refuge in places like abandoned cars. We want to ensure your furry friends are kept safe, so make sure they are nowhere near the vehicle when we come and collect it.
  • Have your paperwork ready:You will need your licence for ID and proof of ownership. We will have the rest of the paperwork ready to make the process pleasant and straightforward.

It is not just cars that Rapid Car Removals is looking for; we are also interested in trucks, vans, motorcycles and anything else with an engine with valuable parts and metal for recycling. Every single part will be recycled or disposed of responsibly, including old petrol, oils and other liquids that can be harmful to the environment.

Don't let your unwanted vehicle collect any dust (or rust); contact the best auto wreckers in Melbourne to get your car removed and cash money put in your back pocket.

Contact us and get a free quote, no-obligation quote today. Phone us on 0405 063 700 email us at info@rapidcashforcars.com.au or fill out our online form.


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